Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UK Govt seeks delay in meeting tougher air quality standards

I'm a sceptic on EU issues generally but the new EU Directive on Air Quality, which came into force on June 11, is to be very strongly welcomed. Air pollution kills tens of thousands of people every year in the UK (equating to over 100 Bristolians per yr) and seriously reduces quality of life (see here and here for more). Shame on our government for seeking a delay in meeting the new, tougher regulations. How green is that?? Green MEP Jean Lambert is applying pressure and doing good work on this issue.

Get real time information on air pollution in your area of Bristol here. Todays air pollution index for both Wells Rd in Knowle and Bath Rd in Brislington, between which my house is sandwiched, was low by current standards, though it obviously fluctuates and I note that the British Lung Foundation report that even low levels of air pollution increase death risk (see here) !!

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  1. Yes, its disappointing that the UK is seeking a derogation on the air quality objectives. The threat of being taken to court by the EU for failure to meet the objectives, particularly for nitrogen dioxide in 2010 was one of the only real drivers for air quality improvement. Now that deadline will have moved back three years or so I feel that there will be less impetus for the radical and urgent action required to tackle pollution.


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