Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jamie Cooper, Campaign for Justice

If you are on Facebook please consider joining the Campaign for Justice group to get fair and just treatment for local teenager Jamie Cooper and all military service personnel. Whether its the way people are treated after getting injured or when disabled, or suffering a range of conditions as a result of service, or what they are paid, or how they are sometimes (mal)treated during training, or how they are housed or how they are equipped...they are getting a very raw deal.

You could always join Facebook specifically to support this campaign. Find out more from this report in todays local paper ('Facebook support for Bristol soldier', Bristol Evening Post, 3 July). Jamie cant even get a council tax reduction from Bristol City Council at the moment.


  1. Did you hear his Dad ranting on about how the Council only cares about immigrants & ethnics ?

    nice fella.

  2. No, I have not seen comments like these.

    I'm apalled by this kind of attitude of course.

    Does not change the point about just and fair treatment for Jamie Cooper and others like him though.


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