Monday, March 16, 2009

Together We Can End Violence Against Women and Girls: Home Office online survey

Just completed an online survey about violence against women after being prompted by a message from a friend (below). Please consider completing the survey yourself and looking at the results so far - they are very, very striking.

....if you feel strongly about his (as I do) ..'Together We Can End Violence Against Women and Girls' is an online survey from the Home Office which asks you to comment on:

• general questions about you and your views

• the sexualisation of young girls

• education

• personal safety (women only)

• impressions and attitudes

This survey should take about five minutes, and it is anonymous.

Visit to take part.

Further information:


  1. It would be encouraging if those answers were truly representative (it's vanishingly rare for my results in a survey to reflect the consensus ;) but I suspect that there's a lot of self-selection bias in the sample base.

    A breakdown by presenting gender and age in their results thus far page would be a useful start.

  2. Yes, they certainly would be encouraging. I do agree with you that many who go to fill in the survey form will tend to be of a likeminded view - unless work is done to get many and varied people as possible to participate. I hope the Home Office are being pro-active here!


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