Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Government incompetence over car emissions forecasts

Not only do we have Government and political system incompetence in running the economy, or in making decisions over what to do about MPs expenses (to put it very kindly), we also have official incompetence in pollution forecasting - a very important part environmental decision making.

This report from FT.com shows that the Government's Highway's Agency, part of the Dept of Transport, thought new roads schemes since 2002 would produce an extra 11,240 tonnes of carbon emissions. The actual increase turned out to be 21,870 tonnes - this is clearly a whapping inaccuracy not just an underestimate, given that its almost twice as much!

Conclusion: their method is rubbish and they dont know how to work out what carbon emissions will be. How can we have decent trust in any official estimates of carbon emissions that will result from major developments, local or national, eg road traffic due to expanding Heathrow or building a South Bristol ring road??


  1. South Bristol ring road is fine with me, as I drive, and don't believe/don't care about CO2, as our Carbon emmisions make little difference to the world "problem". What is important is providing jobs, which lead to increased prosperity, not green jobs, which do not exist and can never produce prosperity, and will only benefit educated people.

    Being neither educated, and a proud capitalist, this is as irrelevant to me as it is to most people in the UK.

    Other than those who's job relies on Greenism, and those who do not aspire to improve their lot in life (due to already being rich enough to preach abstinence to others) generally feel the same way, and I would be grateful if you can take your rule laden, tax increasing, holier than thou views back to the left wing, where they truly belong, and stop smokescreening your statist ideology under a banner of altruism.

  2. So, you are happy to undermine the environment despite the fact that it is the basis of our economy and society?? Evidence released yesterday by the Met Office shows the very serious economic and social impacts of climate change - and that's only one environmental problem!!


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