Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Local, environmental, online jobs: 4 website community facilitators wanted

Passing on details of this local, environmental, online job opportunity:

An exciting opportunity to be a website community facilitator.

Do you have an interest in the environment and things that affect your local area?
Would you like to learn more about having your say on online forums?
Do you like to talk with friends about things that are happening in Bristol that affect you?

We are looking for four community facilitators, who will keep an eye on what people are saying on an online discussion forum and promote discussion.

www.askbristol.com is a council website which promotes discussion about issues that affect people living in Bristol, so these views can be passed on to people making the decisions.

Past discussions have included cycling, excessive drinking, the council’s budget, and recycling to name a few. Go to
http://www.youtube.com/bristolcitycouncil to see videos of some of the things we have talked about in the past.

The website currently has a focus on traffic noise pollution, as part of a project to raise awareness, highlight problems and solutions, and encourage people to tell us about quiet areas where they enjoy spending time. Find out more here

What is involved?
You will be employed for two hours per week for six months and paid £8.23 per hour through the City Jobshop. If you are claiming benefits you will need to declare this work so find out in advance if this will affect your benefits payments.

You will need to have access to a computer and internet connection at home, or be able to access the free computers at the library (which can be booked for up to two hours a day on week days) or anywhere else you know of where you can use a computer with internet.

As well as work on the Internet, you will spread the word about the website by chatting to people you know and any groups you are part of, and by distributing leaflets.

You will need some experience of using computers and the Internet to find out information from websites and have experience of using email.

You might also have some experience of social networking sites like myspace, facebook or youtube, and blogs but this is not essential.

You should have an interest in the environment and your local community and a willingness to learn new skills.

You will be asked to keep a log of how you have spent your time and what you have achieved.

You will need to attend one and a half days of training, where you will find out more about what needs to be done and how to do it.
You will need to commit two consecutive hours on one day of the week (Monday to Friday). These hours can be flexible (i.e. not necessarily during the normal 9-5 working day, and not necessarily the same hours every week). Hours will be arranged so that the four facilitators are working on different days. We would also occasionally require a degree of flexibility from you, for example, in being able to attend training sessions.

How will you benefit from being involved?

§ You will receive training about how to be a community facilitator.
§ You will learn new skills and gain experience relating to the Internet and building links in your community. These skills will be useful both personally and in a work environment.
§ You will have the opportunity to earn an extra income from home whilst working around other commitments.
§ If you are currently not in employment and will be seeking work in the future it will be an opportunity to gain confidence and add to your C.V.

Tasks will include:
Promoting discussion on the Viewfinder site (
www.askbristol.com/viewfinder) site.
Moderate comments on viewfinder according to the code of conduct and acceptable use policy. You will be able to refer to a council officer if you are unsure about any content.
Promoting the traffic noise website with existing contacts, and in local area e.g. speaking to friends, community or other groups.
Distributing Ask Bristol publicity cards in their local area and other places you visit.
Going on to other websites/forums to promote the traffic noise website.
Looking out for relevant comments on other sites to say how this relates to noise pollution and directing people back to out site.
Moderation of comments on the quiet map.
Adding your own photos to the quiet map (if you have a digital camera – not essential).
Keeping a log of what you’ve done.
Logging usability issues with the website via the feedback email.
Involvement in evaluation at the end of the project.

If you are interested in being involved, but would like to talk to someone first to find out more, please contact Makala Cheung at Knowle West Media Centre on 0117 3532895

If you would like to apply, please write a letter or email to Makala by Friday 29th May 2009 entitled ‘Community Facilitators’ saying a bit about why you would like to be involved and why you think you would be good at it. Let us know if you are a member of any groups or clubs you are involved in, and of any websites you use regularly. Please include your contact details.

After this we will contact you to let you know if we would like to meet you to talk further about how you are suitable for the role.
Makala Cheung
Knowle West Media Centre
Leinster Avenue
Knowle West, Bristol, BS4 1NL

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