Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supporting and improving our public services

I recently received a letter from the Public and Commercial Services Union asking for my views on public services, I presume because I'm a local election candidate for the Greens in Eastville. Here’s how I replied to the questions they posed:

1.Do you support PCS’s campaign for fair and equal pay?

Yes, fair and equal pay is very important. We must narrow the income gap and build a secure, stable and sustainable society for people, based on strong local economies working together. The lowest paid should pay no income tax at all in my view.

2.Where do you stand on cutting civil and public service jobs?

Cuts in services must be opposed and its very unlikely that cutting large numbers of jobs would have no impact on services at all. ‘Efficiency savings’ as they have been called aren’t ‘efficient’ at all if services are cut.

3.Do you think in the current climate that [Dept for Work and Pensions] office closures should be halted?

With unemployment rising steeply its surely vital that we mobilise available resources to help people find work and training – office closures are very hard to justify therefore.

4.Where do you stand on privatising public services?

I’m very strongly opposed to the privatisation of public services. The Green Party’s ‘Green New Deal’ for spearheading the economic recovery includes significant investment in public services, including social care, housing and transport. The Green Party strongly believes that local provision and access to high quality public services such as schools, libraries, hospitals, nurseries, post offices and public transport are essential to maintain thriving communities and a good quality of life for all.

5.Do you think more tax staff should be employed to collect [lost or non-pursued] taxes, closing the tax gap [and removing tax loopholes]?

Its well worth devoting the staffing needed to pursuing taxes and closing loopholes. This pays for itself and raises money for spending on public services.

6.Do you support an extension of the ban [on the employment of racist, fascist, far-right group members] to other civil and public services [the police and the prison service have a ban already]?

Yes, we must take all effective steps to combat racism, fascism and nazism. Membership of far-right groups is clearly incompatible with non-discriminatory working practices which all civil and public service providers have signed up to.

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  1. Great reply to them. Really i impressed from your views,keep it up..



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