Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recall system for MPs: sign the petition

I've indicated in previous posts the Green Party's longstanding policy of legislating to put in place a recall system for MPs and Councillors (see here and here). Its natural territory for me to urge you to sign this petition calling for a recall system to be set up asap (read over the message below from petition organisers, the new campaigning group 38 Degrees).

In the wake of the MP expenses scandal, trust in politics and politicians in the UK is collapsing. Political parties may suddenly be falling over themselves to “get tough” with the worst MP expenses offenders, but can we rely on politicians to clean up this mess on their own? At the moment we're stuck with disgraced MPs until the next election, no matter what they have done. We need MPs to answer to us, and that means a new “recall law” to give local people the power to call a fresh vote and sack disgraced MPs. Right now party leaders are debating how far they need to go to regain our trust, and if we act quickly together we can influence this debate and get this new law passed.

Click here to demand a new recall law: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/recall/

We have two weeks before we present our petition for a new recall law to the leaders of all the parties. Please help us to make sure it’s a loud enough call for change. If enough of us take action together, we'll show parliament and the media that real change is needed. The idea for a recall law in the UK has been gaining momentum, with major newspapers and even some MPs weighing in over the last few weeks. The next step is to prove how strongly voters feel - exactly what a large petition will do.

How many other jobs do you know where once you’ve been hired the people who hired you can’t sack you for five years, no matter what you’ve done? In other countries including the USA and Canada, “recall laws” allow voters to call a fresh vote when an elected official has lost their trust. Now we need the same in the UK. Politicians are feeling the heat and know they have to take major steps to regain our trust. Let's seize this opportunity to make MPs more accountable to us, for good.

Click here to make sure MPs really answer to us: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/recall/

Thanks for getting involved
David, Hannah, Warren, Nina and the 38 Degrees team

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