Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proposed Bristol City Stadium: unbalanced, biased reporting

Further reporting of the proposed new Bristol City stadium in the local paper today, with a very biased, lengthy report mainly consisting of the views of multi-millionaire Steve Lansdown. Its a big concern that Bristol's politicians are already saying an enthusiasctic yes to the proposed Bristol City stadium. We need leaders with a bit of spine, objectivity and good judgement - unfortuneately recent events show us that the Lab, Lib Dem and Conservative Parties dont give us this.

There is a formal planning process to go through. This is the law and its not too much to ask that its done properly is it?? Both the principle and the designs have yet to be approved. Many issues, such as loss of green spaces, are controversial and much that has been used to support the stadium proposal eg world cup football and/or rugby in Bristol, is highly speculative. We need politicians to properly think through the kinds of development that are truly beneficial both in the short, medium and long term. Unfortuneately these days it seems that the big political parties are more interested in where the 'big money' is and in the kudos they can get by being associated with 'glamorous' projects.

The rich and powerful behind Bristol City, Tesco and developers should not be allowed disproportionate influence. Its notable that the Bristol Evening Post's reporting of this issue has been very far from balanced. Why were the views of the residents of Ashton Vale not sought by reporters and included?? Why were the views of concerned greens not sought and included??

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