Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greens are the most trusted party: the evidence

Recent polling evidence shows that the Green Party is by far the most trusted. Voters were asked by You Gov which party's politicians they thought were most likely to put their own financial interests before the interests of their country. The results:

*Labour - least trusted, named by 45% as likely to put self-interest first.

*Conservatives - almost as bad, named by 40%
*BNP - 20%
*Liberal Democrats - 16%
*UKIP - 15%
*Green Party - most trusted, named by just 5% as likely to put self-interest first.

This is of course in the same week that campaign group Open Europe rated the Green Party's leader Caroline Lucas as the joint best British MEP on accountability, transparency and reform (details here) and Joanna Lumley urged people to vote Green.


  1. Don't make me laugh, of course you are because you have no track record - simply because you don't have any UK MPs !

    If, by any miracle in our lifetime, you do actually get a UK MP (LOL!!) then people will have real evidence.

    And best of a bad bunch of Euro MEPs is nothing to shout about.

  2. Well, I guess you are from another political party Helen.

    The Greens are a rapidly rising threat to the big parties (especially in the Brighton and Norwich parliamentary constituencies for example) and must expect some mockery and attempted put down as a result.

    The public have been asked in a poll and that is the current state of their trust in us ie its very high, whether compared to the big parties or to the BNP or UKIP (who also have no Westminster MPs by the way). The public know that Greens have always placed both personal principle and ethics and party principle and ethics at the centre of what they are and what they do. They also see our MEPs, members of the London Assembly, MSPs and Councillors in action and have a high degree of trust in them. They can see our leader in operation and being independently judged to be top of the league for accountability, transparency and reform...

    Look at our rise in the polls...


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