Friday, May 29, 2009

Should council tax payers help fund the proposed Bristol City stadium development??

Tesco's desire to turn Bristol City's Ashton Gate stadium into a superstore are again in the news. This time the concerns of local businesses and people are reported and lively online debate included:

'Mr Landsdown says...he needs Tesco's money. What will he need next, a subsidy from the Council?' (Rob, Crews Hole).

Indeed he will Rob. In yesterday's Post Steve Lansdown is quoted as saying this,

"There's a feeling that Steve Lansdown is going to pay for the lot but the city of Bristol has to pay for some of it because this is going to be around for a lot longer than I am. I'll pay for some of it but there are others who can chip in as well."

Mr Lansdown it seem wants: to build over green space; wants Tesco and council tax payers money to help him do so; wants to push the whole process along by exerting his not inconsiderable influence, along with that of the media, Tesco, the FA...on the leaders of the big three parties on the council (who in turn will influence all councillors - including those on the relevant planning committee). I doubt that he is concerned at all about the impacts on the diverse range of businesses already operating in the area.

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