Friday, October 23, 2009

Objection to Tesco on Ashton Gate

Sent in the following objection to plans for a Tesco superstore on Ashton Gate today: I ask you to reject this application (09/03208/P). A Tesco store is not needed and would impact negatively on existing businesses, the environment and local community life. Sustainable access ie on foot, by bicycle or bus is poor. Little or no evidence is offered for appropriate economic, social or environmental regeneration. Bristol is supposed to be signed up to sustainable development – and this is not it!!

Those financing and running BCFC claim that a superstore on Ashton Gate is essential to plans for building a new stadium. If, as they say, a new stadium is vital they must have alternative plans for funding it or for redeveloping Ashton Gate – they cannot be considered competent otherwise. Don’t buy the BCFC spin.

Those who would benefit significantly from a new BCFC stadium are a very small number of private business people. Those who stand to lose significantly are a large number local people, whose small businesses, community and environment will be badly impacted. It would be unjust to decide in favour of a small number of already very wealthy people.

The site for the proposed new BCFC stadium is in the green belt. Along with the stadium would go houses, a hotel and fast food outlets – and of course a further stimulus to all kinds of possible developments to take up yet more of our green belt.

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