Monday, August 30, 2010

Ruscombe Green: ClientEarth wins case

Ruscombe Green: ClientEarth wins case

ClientEarth, are an organisation of activist lawyers working to bring change - well they recently won a landmark case. You can see the details here - the UK has breached the Aarhus Convention - we have the worst court fees in Europe making it hard to challenge decisions. We can now be hopeful that decisions will be easy to challenge.

Yes, the Aarhus Convention is supposed to ensure: good opportunities for full public participation; good quality environmental information; access to environmental justice, are made available early and proactively by public decision making bodies. This is not currently the case - and its something that features strongly in the planning issues I've been involved in (see here) - so this case win could prove very valuable in making access to environmental justice in the courts more affordable.

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